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Advanced Training:

A basic release is essential to any advanced CMX weapons form as it is used in several tricks such as a 360, 720, or other insanely awesome moves. Here’s how to perform a basic bo staff release with your right hand:

  1. Start with the bo in your left hand, thumb up. From here, you are going to rotate the bo down and behind your back. From there, your right hand is going to meet your left behind your back. Notice in the video that any time your hands meet behind the back, your thumbs are facing each other.
  2. From here, you will bring the bow around with your right hand, rotating so that your right thumb is facing down. Bring the bow in front of your body to begin rotation for the toss.
  3. Rotate your hand as you hold the bow all the way over until you palm is facing up, which will be a 270 degree wrist rotation. From there, the momentum of the bo will cause it to continue to rotate onto your thumb, which you will use to push the staff into the air.

As you practice step-by-step, you will notice that there is no rotation on the bo when you get to the point of release, and that is because there is no momentum due to stopping before the toss. Rotation speed will increase as you get more comfortable with the movement.

The purpose of starting this move with a pass behind the back is to increase the speed of rotation, which is what you want for an amazing toss.

As you practice this technique, be sure not to grab down at the bo staff. It’s a very good way to smack your bo into the floor! Remember to keep your left palm up and let the bo fall into your hand. Gravity is your friend, and the bo will fall back down. You don’t have to reach out and grab it.

Once you get a good feel for the release, you can start to get more creative with it by catching it behind your back, behind your head, inserting a 360 degree spin, or other creative element.

Remember that if you can develop a feel of the weapon to where that weapon is an extension of your body, you will always have complete control over it. So if you can just practice for half an hour a day with your weapon, twirling it around, and just playing with it, you will find yourself more and more comfortable in attempting tricks of greater difficulty.

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Jackson is a 43-time sport karate world champion and 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In addition to being a member of the world renowned Team Paul Mitchell Karate, he is a Hyper Pro Athlete for Hyper Marital Arts, and a professional athlete for Century Martial Arts.